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Matt Cicco is a career consultant with REA assisting clients in achieving their career goals. He offers career guidance that is always tailored to individual needs. Matt creates resumes that are targeted, effective, and highlight strengths and achievements. He also assists clients in developing a cover letter like you’ve never seen; one that gets people interviews by itself!

Matt provides invaluable services that produce successful results including assessing skills and interests, marketing plans, elevator pitches, LinkedIn profiles and utilization to build networks, job search optimization, working effectively with recruiters, applicant tracking systems (ATS) and hiring processes, interviewing, and salary negotiation skills. Matt specializes in career transitions, as he has transitioned twice himself.

Matt is a 20+ year veteran of both the corporate and recruiting worlds. His unique and unparalleled experience allows him to assist countless others in achieving their career goals. Today, Matt continues to pursue his passion of helping professionals at every level and stage of their career to hone their skills and achieve their career aspirations.

Matt voluntarily lead a career help group during the 2008 economic crash, where he assisted people who were homeless to ex-CEO’s and all levels in between. He knows what it’s like firsthand to be in the trenches; and unless you’ve been there before, you can’t truly understand how to help someone that is there right now.

For those going through a career change, Matt is genuine, passionate and caring as well as providing techniques to assist people in moving forward and being successful. It boils down to you taking steps to do things that you haven’t done before… so that you can have results that you haven’t achieved before.

Matt's specialty is helping you build a career, not just “get a job.”

Matt grew up in Niagara Falls, NY where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Niagara University. Matt then moved to Charlotte, NC shortly afterwards.

Matt Cicco

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