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Relocation Changes and Transitions: A Moving Experience


REA Professional Panel | Erin Suess, Kimberly Coburn, Norma Davila


Relocation is often considered a major life change and how we move through this transformational process will determine the outcome.

Stressors such as buying/selling a home, starting a new job in a new location, settling the family, and “starting” over can be daunting. How stressful might that be for a transferring employee?

In this webinar, REA Experts will explore:

Relocation changes/stages and how individuals and families evolve through this process.
The emotional needs and personal experiences individuals/families face during transition.
Strategies and skills to help an accompanying partner ensure a successful relocation.

Join us to learn:

The 5 Stages of Relocation and developing an awareness of when transitions are happening
Tools and tips to move through the stages of transition
How REA coaches have helped clients navigate through change.

This Webinar is for:
Relocating individuals and families, coaches, relocation management companies, relocation counselors, HR Directors, managers, benefits coordinators, and global mobility partners.

Navigating Change with Your Wellbeing Intact


Sally Anne Carroll, PCC


Reinventing even the smallest parts of your daily life – or your career – can be transformative.

And that’s what happens when we navigate the changes of relocation. In this webinar, you'll learn a proven process for intentionally moving through those changes with your wellbeing intact and grounded in a deep sense of who you are and what matters most to you.

This webinar is for relocating individuals and families, relocation professionals, and anyone navigating change.

Join us to learn a proven framework for effectively navigating and creating change in a sustainable way.

How to Use Technology to Land the Job Faster


Marie Zimenoff, CEO Resume Writing Academy


Understand how recruiting has changed and new tools available for job search.

Many job search strategies, like networking, have stood the test of time. But today's job search can be shortened with the use of technology tools! But first, we need to understand how recruiting has changed and new tools available for job search.

Join us to learn:
Job search methods that stack the odds in your favor
A structure for job search to get results faster
What tools recruiters are using so you can find them instead of waiting around for them to find you.

Peace of Mind on the Move


Heather De Cruz-Cornaire, Certified Principal Business Psychologist + Heidi Ravis, Team Leader, Career Counselor and Consultant


Build and sustain resilience to manage the emotional turbulence in a state of crisis.

We currently find ourselves in an ongoing state of crisis, globally. In this session REA psychologists will share useful insights to navigate today’s world of global mobility so that if you are moving you can embrace peace of mind.

This session is for: International Jobseekers, Global Mobility Managers, Relocation Management Experts, Expatriates, Career Coaches, Counsellors, and YOU

Here's what you'll learn about:

. The Psychology of Resilience: Planning tools
. Mindfulness: Strategies for buoyancy, balance and well-being
. Locus of Control: external factors and how to harness our inner resources for maximum impact

Returning to Work after a Break


Helen Slingsby, REA Professional Career Coach


Re-entering the workplace after a gap is both daunting and exciting.

In this Webinar, Helen Slingsby, REA Professional Career Coach will address how we’re feeling around returning to employment and how to do it brilliantly, with focus and confidence. She will share her tried and tested top tips on how to:

· TARGET what we WANT
· SELL ourselves to the MAX, and
· LAND that wonderful, fulfilling role

How Culture Impacts the Job Search


Panel of REA Experts moderated by Heidi Ravis, EdM, LMHC: Team Leader and Career Coach


Understand Cultural differences in the job search. Expat job seekers, gain strategies and skills to successfully navigate the search process.

Moderator: Heidi Ravis, EdM, LMHC: Team Leader and Career Coach
• Heather de Cruz-Cornaire, MSc: Global Services Team Leader and International Career Coach
• Michele Ross, MBA: Career Coach
• Norma Dávila, CPRW, CPCC, SHRM-SCP: Career Coach

You will learn:
• The concept of “high context” and “low context” cultures and their importance in intercultural relationship building
• How to resolve or avoid culture clashes that may arise
• How REA coaches have helped clients with the job search process in the midst of a global pandemic

Advancing Your Career in a Remote Work World


Sally Anne Carroll


Wondering How to ADVANCE Your Career in a Remote Work World?

In this session, Sally Anne Carroll, REA Career Coach will explore:

What’s changed?
What hasn’t (really) changed?
4 strategies for SUCCESS when working REMOTELY

Remote work is here to stay and that means opportunities and challenges when it comes to taking charge of our careers.

In this webinar, you will learn the 4 keys that are critical to remote work success— and how to master them.

Assess what you WANT
Communicate + Connect
Create Boundaries + Balance

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging


Heather De Cruz-Cornaire


Panel Discussion: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging: Partnering with RMCs and Corporate Clients to foster a superior customer experience and a guaranteed ROI

Moderated by Laura Levenson of Weichert Workforce Mobility, this panel will discuss and validate the business case for upholding the principles of Diversity and Inclusion in global mobility services. By focusing the core values of Inclusiveness and Belonging, panelists Frank Belmote from Red Hat, Mercedes D’Angelo of Cultural Awareness International and Heather De Cruz-Cornaire, MSc, BSc (Hons)Global Services Team Leader and International Career Consultant REA - Partners In Transition discuss stories of success, explore lessons learned, and reinforce the positive outcomes of practicing an inclusive approach to global mobility service delivery.

LinkedIn Networking


Barb Girson


Ready to Make Connections + Build Your Network?
Join Us for LinkedIn Networking

In this session, Barb Girson, REA Career Coach will provide examples and tangible takeaways to help you make connections and build your network whether you are:

In a Job Search
Exploring Your Next Career Move, OR
Happily and Securely Employed.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

Foster Connections with LinkedIn Networking
Find out about Jobs for Yourself or Others
Follow-up & Focus to Build Your Future

Leverage Linkedin


Barb Girson


Ready to Leverage LinkedIn? Gain Visibility, Create Habits + Get Noticed!

Barb Girson will provide examples and tangible takeaways to help you stand out in the crowd and take charge of your career whether you are:

In a Job Search
Exploring Your Next Career Move, OR
Happily and Securely Employed.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

Gain Visibility to Increase Exposure
Create Habits for Sustainability
Get Noticed to Move Ahead

Now is the time to show up and shine!

UnMasked: Talent Management + Workforce Trends


Heather De Cruz-Cornaire


DISCOVER how career lives have changed for a diverse talent pool during the COVID-19 Pandemic as they Navigate the New Normal, including:

New Recruits on-boarding
Company Leaders

Join REA Global Services Team Leader, Heather De Cruz-Cornaire, for a 45-minute webinar where she shares emerging talent management trends. Using industry sources, research analysis and professional insights, Heather will Unmask key trends at different stages during the pandemic showing "what has changed" for both Organisations and Individuals/Employees.

Polish Your LinkedIn Profile


Barb Girson


Ready to Polish Your LinkedIn Profile? Let's make it P.O.P.

Did you know that your LinkedIn Profile will be 40x's more likely to appear in search results if it's complete?

That's a 4000% potential increase in opportunities. Wow!

And, that's just the beginning.

Barb will provide examples and tangible takeaways to help you polish your LinkedIn Profile for maximum visibility and effectiveness!

Journey Through The Gettysburg Address


John Uprichard


Please JOIN US for

A Journey through the GETTYSBURG ADDRESS!

Gain a timely and unique perspective on the Power of COMMUNICATION, INCLUSION and the Spirit of Moving Forward.

The Hidden Job Market


Barb Girson


What IS The Hidden Job Market?
And, WHY is it more important than ever, now?

Expert Professional Career Coach, Barb Girson, will show you how to tap the potential of the Hidden Job Market.

Barb will provide examples and tangible takeaways to help you expand your professional network towards finding your next job!

Career Buoyancy


Heidi Ravis


Lost your Job?
Facing a Career Setback?

Learn how to Create RESILIENCE!

Resilience brings security in a constantly changing world.

Expert Professional Career Coach, Heidi Ravis, will show you how to anticipate risks and feel comfortable with change.

Heidi will provide examples and tangible takeaways to help you Create Career Buoyancy to Stay Afloat in Today's Labor Market!

How to Ace the VIDEO Interview


Paula Robb


Facing an INTERVIEW? (that's not 'Face-to-Face')

Learn how to ACE it!

It's so important to build rapport and chemistry with the interviewer. It's also hard to do with a technology barrier. We understand. And, we've got you covered!

Expert Professional Career Coach, Paula Robb, will show you how to convince your future employer that you're THE PERFECT FIT.

Paula will provide examples and tangible takeaways to help you ACE the Video Interview!

The Power of Mindset


John Uprichard


Feeling 'DISTRACTED' by all the 'Noise' around you during this crisis?

Reclaim your focus with the POWER of MINDSET.

John Uprichard is the CEO of Find Great People, a nationally recognized executive recruitment firm with a talent platform in 44 states and 14 countries. Under his leadership, FGP has experienced over 2500% revenue growth and been recognized in consecutive years as one of the 100 largest privately held companies in the SC 100 and Inc. 500. Find Great People is one of South Carolina’s Fastest-Growing Companies and a 'Best Place to Work'.


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